Behavioural Support

I cover behavioural issues including:

Some behavioural issues can feel overwhelming and can make living with a dog a challenge. I can support you through this, with a comprehensive behavioural modification plan and regular catch ups. We start by doing a consultation which looks at all aspects of your dog’s life, recording your dog’s full history and a detailed description of the problem. From this a full personalised behavioural support and training plan will be implemented. We immediately implement some control and management strategies and we will start to begin the rehabilitation process to help change your dog’s emotional response to a particular environment or situation.

Please get in touch to discuss a bespoke behavioural programme for your dog.

Given the dedication required to provide each dog and their owner with the personalised attention and training they need, I am only able to work with a limited number of clients at any given time. I sincerely believe in offering my services only when I am confident in my ability to deliver the outcomes you’re seeking for your dog.

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‘Most Patient Dog Behaviourist’ in the South East 2022  ‘Dog Trainer of the Year’ Hampshire 2021/22

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