Happy Gundogs (individually tailored 121 Pet Gundog Training) Run by a qualified dog behaviourist

Pet Gundogs still have the same need and drive to do their ‘job’ as working gundogs.

This can lead to pet gundogs who really struggle to focus on walks, they can be easily distracted by prey scents, or they run off chasing birds or hunting for wildlife. 

Teaching these dogs the skills of a Gundog can give them a more appropriate outlet for their breed drives, whilst showing them how to focus on you on walks.

 I use the most up to date, science based training methods that are proven to be effective and that have your dog’s welfare at heart. . 

Training can include: A sharp whistle Recall. A Stop to the whistle. A hunt to the whistle. To Turn to the whistle and to follow Directional cues. To be calm and give you eye contact in various distracting environments. To Walk nicely on and off lead. Heelwork. Working and focusing around other dogs. To Retrieve an item to hand. Sit stays. Searches. Send around and Send away. Teaching your Pet Gundog to be able to switch off and do nothing – a useful skill.

Available in person at Hursley, Winchester and the surrounding areas and via Zoom. Starting is simple, just book a free discovery call to find out more. 

Given the dedication required to provide each dog and their owner with the personalised attention and training they need, I am only able to work with a limited number of clients at any given time. I sincerely believe in offering my services only when I am confident in my ability to deliver the outcomes you’re seeking for your dog.

Scent Detection Training

Scent Detection Training teaches your dog to search for a particular target scent, to locate it and indicate to us exactly where the scent is.

Scent Detection is great for:
Young puppies and adolescent dogs with lots of energy, 10 minutes of sniffing is more tiring than an hour’s run

‘Working’ breeds of dogs, in need of a ‘job’ (Scent Detection is great to do on walks with them to help them focus instead of running off and free hunting)

Anxious or reactive dogs – using their noses is super soothing for them and reduces stress

Speak with Karen if you are interested in learning more about the Scent Detection Training.

IMDT Partnership Grades

The IMDT Partnership Gades is a progressive certification scheme starting from beginner levels through to advanced, suitable for any age of dog.

The IMDT Partnership Grades have so many fun and useful aspects, we work on key life skills such as Recall & Loose Lead walking and we also include some Gundog exercises, some Scentwork, and Agility.

We offer 1:1 sessions for you and your dog to help you achieve each level.

We have SIX levels to work through, each with slightly more difficult criteria and exercises.

You receive a certificate and rosette for each level you complete.

Speak with Karen if you are interested in learning more about the IMDT Partnership Grades.

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